Is COVID-19 Apocalyptic?

by Dr. Bridget Melson, MFT, Psy.D

I have talked about COVID-19 being spiritual in nature as one could rationalize that most pandemics or world crises will naturally feel like they have a spiritual component. Instances like these can make anyone have a “come to Jesus” moment. But is this in line with the Apocalypse of the Bible?

New York hospitals are calling what they are seeing an “apocalyptic surge” (GHN).

A spokesman for the UN commented that, anything short of a commitment to helping the world in this time, “would lead to a pandemic of apocalyptic proportions affecting us all.”

As we get closer to the apex, it will feel more and more “apocalyptic” in nature and all can agree on that. Add the fires in Australia, the surge of earthquakes throughout the United States and the Locusts in Africa and even the most atheistic minded individual cannot deny the apocalyptic feeling that permeates the air around us.

But is what we are seeing truly an “Apocalypse”, and if so, what does that really mean? Read more