How The “Women’s” March is Destroying America

Dear Pink Hat Marcher Females,

I am a woman of God.
I am a wife.
I am a mother.
I love my God given instincts to want to serve my family.
I cook, clean and nurture my family because I cherish them.
I stay up late and rise early to make sure they are dressed, fed and prayed for so they can have a good day.
I appreciate my domestic duties and I teach my daughter the same so she will be a loyal, cherished, loving wife one day.
I appreciate my husband and sons natural God given instincts to be warriors and protectors.
My boys know how to be men as my husband has taught them well.
God made men and women different and I cherish and respect and appreciate those differences.
When I am weak I like to lean on my husband.
When my husband is struggling I like to be the support he needs.
When our children have bad days and they need “mom” and a hug, I am always there for them….no job, no cause, no nothing comes before them and never will.
That is what moms are for.
When they need to be set straight and knock off the sulking and man up, they need “dad” to step in for a stern, but loving pep talk.
I don’t need to march in a disgusting, degrading pink hat to know who I am.
I don’t need to stand before an audience proclaiming that women are forgotten, underpaid, and oversexualized.
We are only victims if we play that role.
We are only degraded if we choose to wear the skimpy outfit.
We are only underpaid if we aren’t at home taking care of our families as God designed us to do.
If more women actual acted like “women” and walked and lived with dignity and respect, grace and class, this world would be a much better place. Crime rates would drop, children would behave, men would be forced to respect us and marriages would be intact.
God made women to be that helpmate. Not in a way that makes us lower, but in a supportive role that allows men to go out and be warriors for the family, for their wives and for God.
We need to provide a safe, nurturing atmosphere for our men.
We need to stop complaining, stop being victims, stop marching, and get back to what God intended.
We are powerful.
We are special.
We are equipped and we can be the answer…but not without Christ at the center and not by buying into what Hollywood, Oprah, the media and Gloria Allred says a women is.
Stand firm in Christ women.
Be the change.
Go home and provide a home your family wants to be in and remember that grace, meekness and inner strength are what makes a women beautiful…not a pink hat and a megaphone.
Not underarm hair, a loud voice and a powerful job.
Not a pixie cut and demands for higher pay.
Not giving birth and then dumping your kid in daycare because “you deserve it all”.
That is what sets us back hundreds of years.
That is why this generation of girls is misguided, meaner than ever, underdressed and over confident.
You created this.
How backwards our society has become and what a dangerous path we are on.
God created man and woman.
Not binary robots.
Not L’s or G’s or B’s or T’s.
Men. Women.
The rest YOU created and it isn’t good.
We need to get back to the basics because it works.
Especially when God is allowed to be at the center.
The one thing the pink vajaja hat marching women have right is that WE can make a difference.
I love their God given passion and dedication to a cause…it is just the wrong cause.
My prayer is that their eyes will be open and they will see how beautiful God made them inside and out.
My second prayer is that this message will be forwarded and women will begin to see, once again, how cherished we are by a Mighty God.
How important and necessary our role and influence can be.
How respected good women are by good men.
May we get it right. And soon.

God Bless you all and keep fighting the good fight ladies.

Dr. B

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