Is it important for a counselor to be licensed?

YES! Always. Anyone can call him/herself a “psychotherapist” or “counselor” and they don’t need to be licensed or regulated in many states.

A Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), or Social Worker (LSW) will have had to pass board exams, need to meet very strict standards with the state board and will are required to obtain continued education in their field.

You can also visit the state board websites to see whether licensed professionals are in good standing or not and up to date with all educational and license requirements.

What is the difference between Counseling and Life Coaching?

Great Question.

Counseling deals with the deeper emotional and mental health issues from past events that are affecting everyday life and preventing you from moving forward.

Life Coaching is focusing on the present and the goals you want to achieve in the future.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

Yes! Simply contact us by calling or emailing us at (940) 489-3050 or info@trinitylifesolutions.com and we will get you squared up in no time!

Our goal is to make any changes or transitions as easy as possible.

Can I become a Certified Life Coach through Trinity?

YES! It only takes three months and we will train, guide and certify you.

Fill out our “contact us” page and someone will get right back to you on how to make that dream a reality. We are always looking for passionate coaches who want to make a difference in the life of teens.

Can Dr. B speak at my church or school--even if it is a public school?

Super question.

Yes she can!  Simply fill out our “contact us” form and you will be contacted with availability and further details.

Current seminars available:

  • 90-minute Parent Survival Seminar
  • 60-minute “13 Reasons Why…” Seminar
  • The effects of stress on teens–depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation
  • Crisis Training for School Staff
  • Child Protective Seminar and Training for School Staff

Do you have summer "This is Life" groups for Teens?

Yes we do!

We offer two 5-day intensive “This is Life” life skills program in June for teens ages 14-18. We can also come to your school or church campus. Fill out the “contact us” form for more information or click on the “classes” link to sign up. But hurry–they fill up fast!