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Parents Beware: The Newest 2018 Teen Drug!

Chances are–you already have it in your home.   I am guessing if your holidays were anything like ours, there was laughter with family, board games around the kitchen table, great discussion about the real reason for the season (go Jesus!), good food and of course time spent on social media and various devices. As […]

7 Things Good Parents Are Doing in 2017

In today’s hectic, ever-changing, social media centered world, it is no wonder parents often find themselves feeling overwhelmed, lost, out of touch and discouraged. Do we let our children have free reign over social media and their devices? Do we take it away all together? What boundaries should they have? Is there any hope that […]

The Top 6 Latest Teen Trends

The first one is going to blow your mind—literally. The creative lengths teenagers go to in which to find a new “high” is truly mind blowing…and dangerous. Parents, this is no time to be hands off. My mantra and message to you will always be “Trust. But Verify. Here are some the latest Teen Trends […]

Parenting Today’s Teen

Dear Parents-THEY are targeting your vulnerable adolescents and teens! Ever wonder why some days your social media feed seems more negative than usual? Ever find yourself more frustrated, sad or angry after opening up your FB and reading post after post feeling like you are the only one who gets it? Feeling like your “friend’s” posts […]