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Dr. Bridget Melson (Dr. B)

Dr. Bridget Melson (Dr. B)

LMFT, Psy.D, President/Owner TLS

Dr. B has an M.S. in Counseling Psychology, a Psy.D in Psychology with an emphasis in Neuropsychology and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in two states. She recently completed a post doctoral certificate in Medical Neuroscience from Duke University.

Her expertise is in working with at-risk teens, those struggling with anxiety or depression, and working with families to find solutions to get them back on track.

Dr. B also researches and evaluates the mentality of mass shooters--specifically learning how the teen brain copes and functions and the correlation between homicidal and suicidal ideation and SSRI’s. In this realm, she meets with politicians and other mental health professionals, hoping to change policy that will benefit teens and families and prevent any further mass shooting tragedies.

To support surrounding communities, Dr. B also conducts parent and staff training at churches and schools, including, but not limited to:

-Surviving the Teen Culture
-Parenting 101: Social Media
-Technology and The Teen Brain
-Recognizing Mental Health Crisis
-School Policy and CPS Reporting
-The Mass Shooter Mentality

When working with clients, she uses a solution-focused, short term method and implements a cognitive-behavioral approach with her clients.

Dr. Phil
The Doctors
48 Hours
Fox News
WFAA- Dallas
ABC 10-San Diego
ABC-SF California
Radio: Brad Dacus (PJI), The Real Side, Joe Messina, KFI, Mo Kelly Show, Rick Amato Show, Brian Sussman Show
Articles can also be found at www.politicalvanguard.com

For Speaking and Media Inquiries:
Casting New Lives:
Rob Lowe
o: (972) 775-3801
e: bookings@castingnewlives

John Argo

John Argo

M.Div., Certified Christian Life Coach

John Argo is a relationship builder who specializes in teaming up with men of all ages to build them up and set a Biblical course for their lives.

Throughout life, John has helped youth, men, and married couples navigate the issues that they need help with to set them on a course to success.

He is a Certified Life Coach through Trinity Life Solutions and has a Master’s in Divinity degree. He has served as an associate pastor with men, small groups, and missions with churches in the San Francisco Bay Area. John has worked in the public and private school education system along with special needs students and families. He also is a speaker at camps, churches, and special events.

John, born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, is a life long fan of the Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Volunteers along with enjoying adventures with his family.

John lives in the beautiful DFW area and sees clients in our Bartonville office, or he can come to you anywhere in the Northern DFW Metroplex.

To book John to speak, please fill out the contact form or call (940) 489-3050.

Erin Kvistad

Erin Kvistad

J.D., Certified Wellness and Fitness Coach

I wear a lot of hats: wife, mother, friend, athlete, lawyer, coach. I’m passionate about my faith and about striving to successfully achieve all that God has in store for my life. To be the best at each of the roles I play, I have to be at my best, first. Kind of like the instructions on an airline, "first secure your own oxygen, then you can help others around you." For me that means being well-nourished, physically and spiritually. It means getting and keeping my head in the right place. And to get my mind right, I need to keep my body right. Fitness gives me both mental and physical strength and clarity.

Our lives and our journeys aren’t always linear. Sometimes we think we are heading to a particular destination only to come to a fork in the road and head off in a different direction. Such has been my life. After law school I practiced law for seven years. The next seven years I spent in the home raising three young boys. For the following six years I worked part time as a Risk Manager for a construction company. I’m now back home full time running my own business as a fitness and health coach and I am finally pursuing my dream of writing. I don’t regret any of the roles I’ve had or the time spent to achieve them. I know that each of them have shaped the woman I am today.

Setting and reaching goals in fitness, like running a marathon or completing a fitness program, sharpens my focus and shapes my character. The achievements bolster confidence. The failures teach humility. Both instruct in patience, perseverance and dedication.
As important as it is to exercise daily and to make good choices when it comes to nutrition, it is also important for me to stay healthy spiritually. I do this by spending time in the word, attending church services and surrounding myself with other believers who support and encourage me in my faith walk. I do not pretend to be perfect. I am a work in progress. Every day I practice certain disciplines to maintain my health. The greatest gift each of us can give to ourselves, for our own benefit and those around us, is a healthy self – physically, emotionally and spiritually.