The “Be The Revival (BTR)” campaign was started by our 13 year old son, Landon in hopes of reminding people that in order to make America better (BTR), we have to each individually be the solution and “Be The Revival” we so desperately want. America is counting on us!

How do you become a part of this growing revival? THREE EASY steps:

  • Purchase the wrist band for $10–if you need two, we will include the second free. The rest of the money goes to Hurricane Harvey victims–WE KEEP NOTHING!
  • Wear it as a reminder that we need to be #BTR and “Be The Revival” by speaking kindly, walking our talk, and speaking truth in love–but definitely TRUTH!
  • Blast it out to social media–Twitter, Instagram Snap Chat, FB. Get the good news out there! Post pictures of you with friends wearing the wristband!!

Click Here to Purchase  Please include your name, email address and home address so we can send your wristbands and you can get started “Being The Revival”

#BTR. God Bless!