Meet Our Team

Dr. Bridget Melson, MFT PsyD

Dr. Bridget Melson, MFT PsyD

Founder & President

Dr. Bridget Melson, aka "Dr. B" has worked with teens and families for over 27 years. It is her passion, her calling and she absolutely loves what she does.
Her specialties include working with teens who have hit a proverbial wall and are struggling with finding their identity, coping with the stress of their environment and trying to figure out their next move on the special journey God has laid out for them. She also appreciates parents and the challenges that come with being a parent as they navigate the mine field of social media, sports, and academics. She strives to partner with parents on working with them on how to help their teen find balance while also empowering them to strive for excellence and enjoy the ride! For parents and teens, there will always need to be a check and balance when it comes to enabling them vs. empowering them.
Dr. B personally knows quite a bit about parenting as she has three children of her own and appreciates the challenges of today’s teen culture.
Dr. Melson has written parenting articles (FFH, Working Mom, Redbook) and has been featured on numerous radio and television shows (The Doctors, Dr. Phil etc...) talking about how this culture is changing at a record pace, how the political world can influence our values and thinking, how parents can best support their teen, and where we are headed as a nation. She strives to equip parents on what they need to know about their teens, so as a team and a community, we can come alongside each other support and encourage.
Lastly, Dr. B enjoys speaking, going to church with her family, traveling, writing and most of all, spending time with her husband of 22 years and her three beautiful children.
If you would like to meet with Dr. B and see how she can best help your family, please contact her today. She would love to know your story...

Mission Statement

“Equipping People for LIFE.”

While we offer both secular and Biblically based life coaching programs, our counseling and life coaching is all led by professionals who are devoted to God and who are committed to “walk their talk”. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We will always meet you where you are, but you will also notice an underlying moral code and belief system steeped in God’s word when you meet with our professionals. We will pray for you weekly, encourage you to keep Godly principles at the center of all you do and we will allow God to guide us in how we coach and counsel. We simply don’t know how to do it any other way.