Conservatives—we have failed America and we are partly to blame.

Let’s not fail the next generation.

I remember the first time I met Sarah Palin. Little did I know that the words she and I had together would literally change my life forever. She inspired me with her advice, with the person she was and with what she was doing to make America a better place; and if you know anything about me, you know not many human beings truly inspire me. Billy Graham is one man who I look to for wisdom and I look to my Creator and the Word of God for most everything else. So when I found inspiration in Sarah, I knew I needed to listen and act.

It was such a wild time in this country when Governor Palin was running as VP with Senator McCain. The conservative movement was about to explode and I never knew the impact it would have on my life as I worked as one of the movement’s leaders to change America for the good. My message was to keep the God in this country, to maintain the integrity of the Constitution, to make sure Americans were cared for fiscally and socially and make sure we had a strong moral foundation. We needed these things to keep America true to her ideology, to protect the family unit and to be examples to the world, of integrity and principles. Sounds like a good plan that all of America could embrace, right?

Apparently not.

I was quickly thrust into the media spotlight, doing regular interviews on CNN, FOX News, ABC, MSNBC, OAN, radio stations, you name it. I was even asked to play the “conservative” on the ABC show “Wife Swap”. I tried to use my psychological background to read the body language of the reporters and analyze what their angle was—and they always had an angle and an agenda. I spoke about God and family and being positive and focusing on the “pros” I believed in-pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-second amendment, pro-family etc. I eventually learned one must have strong talking points and to navigate them well in the MSM world was a necessary skill. It is indeed a world of its own.

And then it happened.

I remember the first time the Police Department called me to open an investigation on threats against my life. I had received the occasional death threat here and there, but this time I could tell it was different. They offered their services at the rallies my team threw and I had to have a full time bodyguard at all events. I also had an amazing volunteer security team comprised of ex-military, police veterans, a paramedic, a few marines and of course my amazing husband who stood by my side the entire time. I know it was difficult for him to read about the threats on my life and the threats made to harm our children and what horrible parents we were to “make” our children believe in God’s moral code. My team was fantastic, armed and did their job well. I was very thankful for them and I remember my husband–when I mentioned I was thrilled that there were not attempts on my life one particular day—telling me that some things I just “didn’t need to know about” but that the team and law enforcement always “took care of it.”

That was the first time I really understood the mentality of this “mindset” that did not align with mine. A part of my Christ centered innocence had been stripped in that moment and it infuriated me. Why on earth would anyone want to harm someone for exercising their right of free speech especially when it focused on keeping God in America, allowed Americans to keep their rights, to choose morality, to parent, to be taxed less and be able to hold on to freedom and opportunity? (as a side note, I do not consider hate-filled incitement “free speech”).

Our message was about freedom, getting back to our founding father’s principles and making sure good patriots were elected to represent us. We stood for constitutional integrity, traditional marriage (the only kind), parental rights, intact families and fiscal responsibility. Why on earth were there death threats against me and the candidates and eventually my children? Why was Keith Olbermann attempting to destroy my credibility on national television—how did he even know who I was? Why was Gavin Newsome so hateful in his words against me? Why was I on a TSA watch list? Why were the radio callers and newspaper journalists calling me a racist and bigot, and why all the hateful comments online and on FB and Twitter? Is this what being in the public eye looks like when you are trying to simply work to make sure our children have a morally sound and safe future filled with opportunity and acceptance? Is this what having an opinion gets you?

I begin to wonder and question why evil and negativity was so prevalent and infiltrating MY country, my state, my city, my community and MY home.  The shift from love to hate, and so abruptly, was devastating. Usually hate is derived from an enemy who is concrete. It is what starts wars and is the reason why we unify to fight for the good. I instantly realized that the enemy that was, and still is, driving this proverbial ship is more abstract and less definitive and we are now in dangerous waters because of it.

I had no option but to pray. My anger turned to hurt which then turned to sadness for this generation. This kept me continually on my knees before my Heavenly Father. It was all I could do some days.

The anger I witnessed, the threats so many politicians and conservative speakers mentioned that they endured along with the long conversations I had with Bret Breitbart, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, the Secret Service and many others I came to respect, truly made me stop and think about the motivation behind it. It both disturbed and intrigued me as a Christian and psychologist. I wanted to know more about what the motivating factor was for these widespread groups—and indeed it is not a one party issue. I saw hatred and disrespect on both sides of the political equation. Both parties are to blame somewhat for this decline. I remember one secret service officer telling me they had over 300 death threats against President Obama, in one city, in one day and that was more typical than not. Although he was by no means a man I neither agreed with nor supported in the election, I always respected the office and vowed to make a change by voting my voice and continue doing what I could to get a new President in the White House. No hate speech necessary, no inciting of the enemy, no death threats against the president, no hanging politicians  in effigy (or beheading their mock up), no burning the flag, wearing female parts on our heads or screaming profanities. Those acts are all borderline psychotic behavior stemming from a psychological and spiritual impediment and if a patient of mine ever did those things, they would have been committed. Those behaviors are absolutely unnecessary and show signs of impulse control deficiencies and psychotic behavior. Never mind the lack of respect for God in whom we trust.

Diagnosing America.

America loves labels, so here is your label America. Two things strike me as what is going on in the minds of many of the people in this country, if not the world. I hate to say it, but those pointing the finger at the current administration being of the same mind as Hitler, need to look in the mirror. The issues and personality deficits we are witnessing in this millennial culture is a result of a mental and spiritual breakdown. Parents are too hands off, social media is out of control, kids have no boundaries, discipline and self-respect is vanishing at rapid speeds, everyone thinks they deserve a trophy for simply waking up in the morning, and so here we are in this psychotic political and spiritual climate.

Psychologically we see a great rise in depression, anxiety and an explosion of sociopathological behavior amongst teens and millennials, which we pros call “Anti-Social Personality Disorder” which is defined as:

  • Disregard for society’s laws
  • Violation of the physical or emotional rights of others
  • Lack of stability in job and home life
  • Irritability and aggressiveness
  • Lack of remorse
  • Consistent irresponsibility
  • Recklessness, impulsivity
  • Deceitfulness

Can you say millennial? Can you say U.C. Berkeley protest students? Can you say Progressive mentality—and I specifically say Progressive and not Democrat. I actually have several Democratic friends who are not progressives and are not of this sociopathic mindset. I see this everywhere. It has become an epidemic. This is becoming America’s Diagnosis and we are prancing around and wearing it like a badge of honor, throwing God’s morality back in His face. Galatians  6:7 comes to mind frequently these days, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” We are seeing this behavior among many of those who are rioting in the name of “forward thinking”, who incite hate in their “discussions” on FB, twitter and message boards, and we even see it with the Hollywood elites. Look at Kathy Griffin, Jim Carey, Alyssa Milano, the entire cast of The View, Mark Ruffalo, Meryl Streep, Katy Perry and so many more. They are angry, out of control, godless, being turned over to their evil desires (Romans 1), borderline psychotic in their diagnosis, hate centered, spiritually empty and they are completely giving in to their dark , sinful nature. It is truly a frightening thing to behold. I hate to be the alarmist, but as you read my blogs, you will see that sometimes you have to be the voice of reason, reality and truth. I have to bring darkness into light.

Political correctness needs to die a quick death and I will tell you why. All of a sudden if you mention “God” or truth, facts, or a statement of common sense, or disagree with the progressive’s immoral beliefs, you are “politically incorrect”, a racist, a bigot and need to be burned at the stake. Yet, and what I find mind boggling, the other side can talk about killing our President or raping conservative women, applaud the shooting of Republican Congressmen, and talk about the desire to eradicate Christianity and it’s tired morality system (and replace it with what exactly—I shudder to think).

Am I being offensive yet? Perhaps. But no more bold or offensive than what Kathy Griffin did to Barron Trump by prancing around on social media with a bloodied head of his father, oh yea, that happened to be the President of the United States!

George Washington and Ronald Reagan must be rolling in their graves about now.

I write these truths and will continue to, because I am concerned that if we do not stop the hate, the threats, the inability to have an honest, informed and factual discussion as human beings that this country will continue to rapidly decline. No society can survive for long when its anthem is “hate” and its laws revolve around and embrace the tolerance of “sin”. We see this in the Noah Era, with the Tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Roman Empire and many more. This all will end eventually and they will have to pry my Bible and my gun from my cold, dead hands if they truly want it that bad.

However, conservatives are partially to blame in all that is transpiring, especially on social media. I know I do.

What news headlines are we drawn to? What magazine headlines make us grab a copy of the latest dirt? Are we wired to hate? Do we find ourselves drawn to negative news stories about corruption and controversy, or more to success stories and everyday life? Are we more positive in our daily lives and with our children, on social media, when driving, or is it easier for us to be negative and let criticism and judgment flow freely?  We were morally against Bruce Jenner and condemned his choice, but we sure were willing to show our darker side and post about it in a more than unkind way instead of praying for this very confused soul. We laugh at Nancy Pelosi’s Botoxed face and mock her, instead of asking God to show her truth and using facts to show where she may not be truthful. We use foul language on FB posts, we call Obama names, we ridicule Progressive candidates, and we mock other races when instead we could be speaking truth, focusing on the things we are for, using facts to make our point, disseminating ideals and theories instead of people themselves. We can get our point across without destroying and attacking one another.

It seems to be in our nature. So let’s look at the science of “hate”.

Being a creationist that also studies Neuroscience, I see evidence that we are definitely wired for negativity. I call it sin because God is clear about our sinful nature (thanks Eve). I also have come to understand what evolutionary-minded neuroscientists call a “hate circuit”. Dr. Sten Odenwald says, “the problem is that hate has a genetic and neurological free ride in the way humans are built and have evolved.” He has determined that hate is hardwired into the primitive mammalian limbic system, which powerfully activates the flight-or-fight response. The “hate circuit“ involves two brain regions called the putamen and the insula. Apparently, the putamen plays a role in the perception of contempt and disgust and may be part of the motor system that’s mobilized to take action. The amount of activity in the hate circuit correlates with the amount of hate a person feels.” The physiology of what he is saying is true—we are wired to hate or sin–whatever you want to call it–but the answers to the why behind it lie in God’s word. Romans 3:23 says “we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God”.  I Corinthians 6:18 tells us we are to “flee from sexual immorality” and I Thessalonians 5:22 says we need to “reject every kind of evil.” We are sinners. We hate. We judge. We sin. Thankfully though, God also provides a way out (I Cor. 10:13) and gives us the ability to acquire the “Fruits of the Spirit” (Gal. 5:22-23) so we do not act psychotic, and anti-social and be full of hatred. And this is what we, God fearing conservative Americans, need to do. We need to be the example. We need to walk our talk. Enough talking about it, it is time to act on it as we can be the change this country needs. We can lead the revival! I truly hope we do.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am more than fine with anger and disappointment. Trust me, after the election of 2008 I had a moment or two…or three. However I channeled my disgust into something good, which you have read about above and although it resulted in vile responses and death threats, I did what I thought I was called to do at the time and I strive to continue to do so with grace, truth and love. Remember, Jesus, the author of love and truth, had a ministry lasting only three years before He was mocked, tortured and then crucified. Whether you believe He is the Messiah or not, He did exist, and to many, He is a hero.

To my point about being angry and letting it motivate you instead of cause you to sin, God specifically says in Ephesians 4:26-“be angry…yet do not sin.” We can be angry. People, things, situations and acts of injustice should anger us. Even Christ Himself displayed extreme anger. Read John 2:15 and Matthew 21:12. However we cannot use that anger to destroy or lash out in words. If we do, we are no better than those to whom we are lashing out. We need to be better than that. It is time.

We must use it to “make change”. We need to channel our disgust, our convictions and our sense of injustice to inspire and make this world a better place for future generations. We must stop the lunacy, the degradation of one another, the hateful comments, the judgments, and the assumptions. We must stop funding and supporting immoral companies, Hollywood and the MSM. Stop buying their smut magazines, watching their television shows, buying tickets to movies that support their agenda and stop buying their products. We must boycott companies that have ideologies that are flat out anti-God. Let’s support family businesses, companies that profess to be God centered and traditional in their values and let’s teach our children to do the same. We must exercise our power of choice both financially and through our vote. We must teach our children better and be good examples. We must research our candidates, teach our children to do the same and get serious about what is going on in this country and world, for that matter. We must choose THIS day whom we will serve, for we cannot serve two masters.

This is why I wanted to get in front of the candidates and how my political journey grew. I wanted to interview them myself, in person, so I could analyze their behavior, ask them the tough questions, get a sense of their moral backbone and then report to others my findings so that the public could make an informed decision on how to vote. I remember the first time I met with Mitt Romney and I asked him why he was willing to compromise his moral belief system by approving abortion in his state. The look on his face was priceless. “No one has ever asked me that so point blank before Dr. B…” We had a great discussion and I hope to have more of these types of discussions with out candidates. So yes, we voted in some good people, and the election discussions continue. And THAT is what is now killing the conservative movement. We have got to take responsibility for our inexcusable actions—the hated we have spewed right back to those who have “cast the first stone”, the sin we have committed with our words in anger. We need to exhibit more self-control. We need to pray for our friends and family members who don’t get it for only God can change them where it counts—in their heart and soul-but they need us to be an example and their reason for change. Why else would they want to change from one hate-filled person to another? I wouldn’t. Is it difficult? Yes. The verses and prayers I go through on a daily basis just to keep my mouth shut would shock some of you. But it is necessary and I am committed to doing what I need to, if for no other reason, because I have children who watch me every day and I serve a God who will judge me and decide whether to say to me “depart from me, I never knew you” or “well done good and faithful servant.” My desire is for me and for my children to hear the latter.

For the next 10 years after that initial meeting with Mrs. Palin, I was able to conduct interviews with wonderful, caring, conservative candidates I got to talk to Rudy Giuliani about 9/11, prep Carly Fiorina for her Senate speech, interview Mitt Romney, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum–who remains one of my closet political friends to this day. I found myself at parties meeting Hollywood socialites, Senators, Congressman, being asked by Wolf Blitzer to ask the Presidential Candidates the next debate question, sitting with Scott Baio and his wife discussing the election, gleaning wisdom from Ann Coulter, talking to Patricia Heaton in the restroom at a political event and Gary Sinese in the foyer, and listening to David Foster play God Bless America ten feet in front of me. I have even met with Hollywood folks that would be blacklisted from Hollywood if I ever mentioned their names—thanks to the intolerant “tolerant” side of Hollywood that I will never understand. I was graciously able to meet Melania, Ivanka and Donald Trump, Franklin Graham and Ben Carson, and then was able to pass on important information to many of you so that you could decide who you wanted to support and then hopefully have meaningful debates and discussions.

It all has come with a price. The threats are real and I can still Google my name and find articles about how horrible I am for wanting to keep the God in this great country. Luckily it doesn’t bother me anymore. I never back down because of the threats or hate speech-it actually inspires me as I see that I have my work cut out for me! My new goal is to change minds and be used by God to tell others about the Good News of Salvation and the wonderful plan God has for the people of this world. I want to unify conservatives, regardless of party affiliation; I want to bring a message of hope to America. I want to preach kindness and truth to this confused generation. I want to continue to work with parents and teens, political interns and prospective conservative candidates.  I believe in a hope and a future, promised by the Almighty God in Jeremiah 29:11.

What a fulfilling journey it has been and I look forward to so much more.

If you take nothing else from the words I have written in this blog, please take away this:

  • You are loved by the Creator by which we are endowed–His son sacrificed His life for us so we could “go out and make disciples” and He needs us to “train our children in the way they should go”.
  • Be examples to a lost world, be salt and light and walk your talk–we were made to be above reproach and to be a light for all to see.
  • Don’t get caught up in the childish foolery of the enemy. If we don’t change who will?

We are all guilty as charged and we need to claim that, take responsibility for our actions, repent and move on. Let’s make good use of our lives for God has clearly shown us what to do, “to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God” (Micah 6:8).

God bless and keep fighting the good fight!

Dr. B

Dr. Bridget Melson is a dyed in the wool God-fearing, second amendment supporting, conservative. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her family, and is a Teen and Family Psychologist, Life Coach Trainer, political blogger and speaks at churches and schools on surviving parenthood in this generation. She is committed to speaking truth in love and fighting the good fight. For more information or to book her for a speaking engagement, please inquire at .

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