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Dear Parents-THEY are targeting your vulnerable adolescents and teens!

Ever wonder why some days your social media feed seems more negative than usual? Ever find yourself more frustrated, sad or angry after opening up your FB and reading post after post feeling like you are the only one who gets it? Feeling like your “friend’s” posts are extra negative or sad on some days? You are not alone and you are falling right into one of the biggest marketing research schemes out there.

New documents reveal that we are specifically being targeted in one of the world’s largest research projects to date and guess what? We all voluntarily signed up, without even knowing it. And if you have a child who uses any kind of social media, data collecting app, they are participating and being targeted as well. To further the insult, Mark Zuckerburg and Facebook not only don’t care if your teen or tween is suffering psychologically because of it–they actually are thrilled to be able to market to them in their state of emotional weakness.

New research has revealed that Facebook in particular was found to be targeting “vulnerable youth” who “need a confidence boost” to “facilitate predatory advertising practices”, according to evidence found by the Australian.

The documents recovered, show that social media app companies are regularly attempting to manipulate your psychological state for research and marketing purposes and this Australian source has obtained internal documents that prove FB in particular controls the post feeds. The leaked documents show it has been “honing the covert tools…to gain useful psychological information on young (kids) in high school and tertiary education.” More revelation shows FB not only specifically tries to find vulnerable teens–hopefully sad, angry etc, so they can market certain products to them, but they also have been controlling the feed in an attempt to MAKE them feel that way.

I get it, welcome to marketing 101. How many of us have watched a commercial that had us dialing a phone number to order a product, or running off to the store the next day to be a part of the latest fashion trend? It’s the thrill of the chase and this is part of marketing is nothing new.

My problem lies with them specifically attempting to manipulate adolescents and teens to make them more vulnerable repeatedly so, in attempt to send them false messages about themselves–and they somehow are calling this marketing?

We have crossed a line ladies and gentleman and I am urging all parents to please be aware and present in their child’s lives in this arena especially. As I consistently write about, research and state, teens and adolescents have enough trouble coping on a day to day basis as they are faced with academic stressors, peer and parental pressure and trying to literally “Keep up with the Kardashians.”

I guarantee this is going on with other media outlets as well which highlights a danger lurking in the shadow of your teens media devices, worse that outright predators in some cases–a danger I have been warning parents about for years.

I find myself wondering on a daily basis what it is exactly going to take to get parents to fully grasp how and why we are seeing such an uptick in teen anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. Why we are seeing a generation losing all moral aptitude. Why we are seeing a new breed of teen sociopathic nature. And we are seeing social media addiction at it’s highest level ever. I am on your side parents and I spend my days researching, speaking and striving to be an advocate for your children. Now I need your help.

Social Media=1


Let’s look at this as another wake up call and may we open our eyes to this ever increasing danger and take back the reigns of our children’s psychological and emotional status.

Here’s how (taken from my book, “Parent Survival Guide”:

–Employ the 7-7 rule–no devices in their room from 7 pm- 7 am. They need to be charging and YOUR room.

–Make sure you know of every chat or communication app your child uses and the passwords

–Know and ask about the “secret” sites and things like “hidden Twitter”

–Get an app and activity tracker for all devices

–TALK with your children about the dangers lurking within social media

–As always, TRUST. But Verify

God Bless all and “keep fighting the good fight!”

Dr. B


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