Parents: Have You Lost Your Parental Rights At Your Child’s School? Are You Sure?

Picture this.

You are a divorced parent with a 15-year old son. He wants to live with his father to try a better school. You let him.

Next thing you know, your 15-year old son wants to live at a friend’s house for a while and his father allows him to do this. You have no idea the amount of time spent at this “friend’s” house.

A few months go by and you find, unbeknownst to you, that your son is living at this “friend’s” house, and with help from this family and some homosexual “advocacy groups”, your son has filed for “emancipation” without your knowledge. Next, they tell your son’s school that you knew about it and relinquished your parental rights. Your son, with the help from this “LGBT advocacy group”, filed a claim with false information and never alerted YOU as the mother.

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7 Things Good Parents Are Doing in 2017

In today’s hectic, ever-changing, social media centered world, it is no wonder parents often find themselves feeling overwhelmed, lost, out of touch and discouraged. Do we let our children have free reign over social media and their devices? Do we take it away all together? What boundaries should they have? Is there any hope that they will have moral standards with what they see and hear and experience? What do we do?!
After meeting with,  interviewing and counseling teens for almost 30 years, I can tell you exactly what to do and what they need; and it all comes down to YOU.

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The Top 6 Latest Teen Trends

The first one is going to blow your mind—literally.

The creative lengths teenagers go to in which to find a new “high” is truly mind blowing…and dangerous. Parents, this is no time to be hands off. My mantra and message to you will always be “Trust. But Verify.

Here are some the latest Teen Trends that you need to be aware of and be willing to talk to your teen about:

1.I-dosing (taken from an article by great schools)

In this age of technology, it’s not surprising that entrepreneurs are trying to create a way to get high online. The result is a phenomenon called “I-dosing,” which attempts to alter consciousness via sound. “The Internet craze has teens plugging in their headphones to listen to downloadable MP3s that are said to have effects akin to getting high on actual drugs. There are various tracks designed to elicit the same “high” as specific drugs. Anywhere from five to 30 minutes long, the tracks consist of binaural beats, in which the tone of one frequency is played into the right ear and a slightly different frequency is played in the left ear.” Many teens put a hood over their eyes and kick up the digital sound waves and use these “digital drugs” to change the make-up of their brain to try and reach a high similar to taking narcotics. While research is still being done on its lasting effects on the brain, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs has found it to be enough of a concern that it has issued a warning to children not to do it. Read more

Parenting Today’s Teen

Dear Parents-THEY are targeting your vulnerable adolescents and teens!

Ever wonder why some days your social media feed seems more negative than usual? Ever find yourself more frustrated, sad or angry after opening up your FB and reading post after post feeling like you are the only one who gets it? Feeling like your “friend’s” posts are extra negative or sad on some days? You are not alone and you are falling right into one of the biggest marketing research schemes out there. Read more

Parents: what your teen doesn’t want you to know…

Hello MS and HS parents. Hopefully the school your student(s) attend have sent out a similar email…

It is VERY important that you read this entire email as I want to talk about a new Netflix series that you may or may not have heard about. I guarantee almost every one of your students has. It is called “13 Reasons Why.” Read more